The PROTECT-A line is distinguished by a combination of a smart design, top quality materials and an attractive, modern look. You can choose from a range of wood types for the interior, in addition to the color choice of wood and aluminium. Furthermore, we offer you patio doors in a variety of options.


EKO-LINE Patio doors is a high-durability doors equipped with new window protection technology. Designed specifically for harsh environments, the safety element is characterized by high fire resistance, scratch, hail, UV and dirt resistance, while offering countless décor that is in line with contemporary architecture.


The PROTECT-G patio window is an elegant solution for anyone who wants to follow the trends of modern architecture. The patio door sash is protected on the outside by 6 mm thick glass, which helps to improve the sound insulation of the door. The patio door requires no maintenance of the exterior surfaces and is more resistant to damage than the classic patio door.

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